A bridge between the youth & society

Biggest Annual Youth
Conference 2019

The Hang Seng University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong

21-24 June, 2019

What is Youth to Sustainability Summit '19?

An international platform held by AIESEC for Hong Kong youths to transform into action-driven leaders with a global mindset through exploring and discussing global and local issues with current leaders from various fields. Young leaders will be inspired in generating impactful and sustainable solutions with chances to get their voice heard by society.


Design Thinking Skills

Learn practical design thinking skills on business planning, with application in creating solutions.


Self Discovery

Understand more about yourselves, explore your passion, personal goals and future path.


Rediscover Hong Kong

See Hong Kong from a new perspective through in-depth discussion on current social issues.

Youth To Sustainability Summit '18

Change for a Reason, Lead for a Difference

Focused on empowering tomorrow’s leaders, the Summit encouraged entrepreneurship and responsible leadership in today’s youth. Making self-discoveries as delegates worked side-by-side with peers and experts from diverse cultures and backgrounds, the Summit gave participants the edge of social relevance and career advancement.


Young People Engaged in last editions11-14 June 2018, Chinese University of Hong Kong

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24Sustainable Projects Developed
78Great Speakers
63Corporate Supporters
249Youth Participants

Event Highlights

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Hong Kong Night

What is Hong Kong culture in your mind? There are relevant cultural activities, food and booths are being held for you to experience a typical Hong Kong cultural night!

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Field Trip

There are usually city tracing activities with joyful missions in schools clubs, yet our social enterprise field trip would bring you a brand new and in-depth perspective to explore Hong Kong current affairs and social sustainable development issues.

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Youth Speak Forum

Youth Speak Forum is a platform in which we can have representatives’ voices from different backgrounds and industries, especially leaders from business corporates and social enterprises, it is hoped that through the conversations, our youth can be inspired to be a responsible, innovative and capable leader in the future.

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World’s Largest Lesson

Workshops are held to raise the primary school students’ awareness and interest towards the Sustainable Developmental Goals (SDGs), you can experience the joy in teaching students and making impacts on the next generation.

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Party Night

How do you define a FUN party? Party Night is a chance for you to chill and hangout with your Home Group facilitators and other delegates?

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After the days spent in the summit, it is time to showcase your project in contributing to Hong Kong to the public! How would you redefine your youth power with illustration of your group’s amazing ideas?

What are Sustainable Development Goals?

In December 2015, AIESEC’s young global leaders and representatives from its 126 countries and territories gathered at the United Nations Headquarters to promote and drive youth participation in the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by creating Youth 4 Global Goals initiative. Youth 4 Global Goals is an AIESEC Initiative through which we aim to mobilize youth towards the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals. Our initiative aims to educate youth about the SDGs and provide practical volunteering opportunities to unleash their potential while being an active world citizen.

Reduce inequality within and among countries.

Issue in Hong Kong | Ethnics Minorities

Hong Kong has been universally acknowledged as an international hub with confluences of cultures. Walking around in Hong Kong, you would see people from different cultures and backgrounds, while we still see lots of news reported the discrimination phenomenon in workplace and schools. The recent movie ‘Still Human’ exactly illustrated the unfairness of the society, yet we all shall still have their rights to live their vibrant life with dreams without discrimination.

How can YOU raise the awareness of the rights of ethnic minorities? What can YOU do to support them?

Make cities and human settlements inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable.

Issue in Hong Kong | Traditional Art and Culture

Put down your phone and walk around Hong Kong, have you spotted any differences that are changing or disappearing nowadays?

When it comes to the speciality of Hong Kong, people are always linked with neon signs. These signs appeared in varies stores and buildings of Hong Kong in the past. They are the culture, the art, and the signs of Hong Kong. However, due to the advancement of technology and strict installing limitations from the Government, neon signs started to disappear and are replaced by the LED lights. The city becomes dazzling and are lack of mysterious and warmth. Losing the collective visual memories seems like losing some of our emotions and memories.

What can YOU do to save our collective memories? How can YOU make the society, art and culture more SUSTAINABLE?

Ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns.

Issue in Hong Kong | Sustainable Environment

Hong Kong maybe considered as one of the richest economies in the world, but its development also triggers a large change in people’s living styles and consumption patterns. For example, the excessive amount of leftovers and unconsumed food, over extraction in natural resources, serious damage in animals’ habitats, and over utilisation in energy. Every irresponsible consumption and production may lead to a serious damage to our earth. If you would like to avoid seeing this sick earth with the increased numbers of endangered species, global warming, disgusting spells in land pollution, let us be a responsible citizen from now on.

Are YOU sure to stay remains? What can YOU do to save our FUTURE GENERATION?

Our Participants Testimonials

It changed my perspective of my role in society.

After DSE, I was very lost - I did not know what I could do if I failed in the exam and could not take my preferred programmes. In the conference, I realised that I am more than a DSE-taker. I know more about my values, who I am, and more importantly, what my dreams really are.

Michelle Leung

Michelle Leung

2017, HKU Gov't & Law

A life-changing journey

As a participant of YS16 and an organising committee in YS17, YS has completely changed me. From an introvert who is not opening himself to the community, I have learnt through YS to be social-conscious, to be a team player, and to stay passionate in life. "There's always something to learn" is my greatest learning in my two years of YS experience.

Harmon Lee

Harmon Lee

2017, HKUST Global Business

Once-in-a-lifetime experience.

YS is a place where you would absorb new knowledge, meet friends with mutual interest under a harmonious environment. The sense of accomplishment through completing a project together, and being recognised, was certainly an experience of a lifetime.

Orenda Lee

Orenda Lee

2017, CityU BBA (IS)

It shows the power of youths to society.

YS successfully raises my awareness on Hong Kong issues as never before. It is a chance to make changes towards Hong Kong, and show the power of HK young generation, that we can also be the changemakers of the society.

Brenda Wong

Brenda Wong

2018, PolyU BBA

A conference with mixed feeling

Amazed by a bunch of gorgeous people introduced our idea to over 200 people shared our ups and downs, changed my motto to ‘do the right thing regardless of what others say’

Tiana Tsang

Tiana Tsang